CP and / or Spanking you at your home by a reliable, professional correctional therapist.

The perfect solution for those that cannot travel to receive a spanking that they so need. I will also visit hotels.

Mr Ben Dover is the person to see for Spanking and CP Therapy in your home or hotel. I am a professional male disciplinarian in the South East of the UK.

It is best to contact me by email in the first instant at: ispank@yahoo.com

Phone: 07707 160772 ...Please take note if I do not answer your call it could be I'm in a session. I do not answer calls in when in session.

Naughty Boys, Women, TV's, Sissies and Transsexuals:
This way for correction and discipline administered by a highly skilled, no nonsense professional, mature disciplinarian.
Spanking, CP, Flogging, Whipping.

Spanking therapy:
Spanking correction therapy is an adult therapy where a person that is struggling with an issue or issues is treated by an authority figure. The issues can range from something as simple as procrastinating, to bad habits and/or to sexual performance. Usually the session is completed on a routine or regular basis. During every session the therapist will give the person receiving spanking therapy, a spanking.
The spankings are in most part given on a bare bottom and the therapist may require the person to be naked for the spankings and/or for other forms of correction as the therapist see fit in order to correct particular problem behaviour.

In most cases the person will seek out an authority figure that is the opposite sex to them, or lesbian will seek lesbian and gay will seek gay. However that is not always the case and it is not uncommon for a straight spanking therapist to spank a gay, lesbian, or bisexual person.

The number of spankings given during the session and implements to be used is usually pre-determined. Spankings can be given by hand, paddle, tawse, belt, strap, slipper, cane, whip etc. After the spanking is given, with the person bottomless or naked, preferably in the correction position if possible, both parties will discuss what has happened or will happen next.
Spanking therapy sessions can be given in front of others for example; you might want to see your partner spanked, or you might want your partner to witness your spanking or correction therapy treatments.

News: - I also offer Electro Treatments using E-stim and Violet Wand - Beginners are very welcome to try this very stimulating and exciting therapy that can be used as a stand-alone therapy or in conjunction with a spanking CP therapy session.

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